Flowers in Blue

Delftware series

Bas Meeuws’ Delftware series shows the timeless character of delftware flower vases by placing them in the tradition of Dutch seventeenth-century floral still lifes. Imaginary bouquets of all sorts of special flowers were portrayed by Old Masters. In these paintings, the vase was usually secondary to the flowers. Sometimes, however, the painter would choose a more spectacular and exotic kind of vase, often made of Chinese porcelain. Meeuws’ modern photographical approach, combined with his love for the Delft heritage, places as much emphasis on the extraordinary flowers as on the delftware vases.

For the exhibition ‘Flowers in Blue’, Royal Delft commissioned Bas Meeuws to create new work and to place the Delft blue vases from the museum collection in a context where the vases belong, filled with beautiful baroque bouquets.

Celine Ariaans M.A.

Art Historian / Gallery manager Aronson Antiquairs